Horny Drunk Wife Deep Throats

Posted on 27th October 2010 in Oral

Drunk Wife Deep Throats

Who say’s married women don’t suck cock!?  Maybe they don’t, but at least we know drunk wives suck cock!  Check out how this slutty red headed drunk wife slut swallows that cock.  Think that’s as far as this drunk wife can shove the cock down her throat? How wrong you are!  Drunk wives take the cock all the way to the balls!  So click on and check that out, and while you are at it see all the sex this drunk wife has.. can you say anal?  Drunk wife porn is what we do!

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Horny Drunk Wife Solo

Posted on 25th October 2010 in Pussy, Solo

Drunk Wife So Horny Keeps Pants On

Boy oh boy how we love horny drunk wives who are so wet they can’t even wait to get their drunk wife pants off before they start fingering themselves!  Love her perfect body?  Tits just the right size?  DAMN RIGHT!  check out more of this horny drunk wife pounding the booze and finger fucking her perfect drunk wife cunt.  And don’t forget to check out the pics of some awesome drunk wife sex she gets into!

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Drunk Wife In Heels and Tight Asshole!

Posted on 22nd October 2010 in Solo

Drunk Wife Vibrator Up Her Ass

High Heels, sexy pierced nipples, tight pussy, tight asshole, and drunk as fuck!  That’s what we supply here at drunk wife .net.  Check out how horny this nude drunk wife is!  She loves stickin all kinds of goodies into her poon!  Click this sexy drunk wife to see more of the crazy shit she will stick in her ass and then lick it clean!  Did we mention she knows other drunk wives who are ready to show you all the pics of drunk wives they got?!

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Drunk Wife With Pussy Piercing

Posted on 18th October 2010 in Solo

Slutty Drunk Wives Pussy Ring

See, this is what happens when you get your wife drunk!  She puts on a horny drunk wife show!  What?! You say that doesn’t happen with your drunk wife!? Blasphemy! Well not to worry, all of our drunk wives put on the best show when we get them liquored up. Just take this perfect drunk wife here, she’s ready to stick all kind of shit in her tight pierced up pussy, and boy oh boy does she know what we like!  Check out more of this drunk wife and her cock love drunk wife friends finger each other as well as fuck, suck, and stroke the cock that all drunk wives love!

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Pic of Drunk Wives Ready To Suck Cock

Posted on 17th October 2010 in Oral

Drunk Wife And Friend Suck Cock

So here’s the deal with these drunk wives.  Last night we had an office party here at drunk wife . net … and lets just say things got a little crazy.  One of our managers, Max and his drunk wife (the one on the right) convinced one of our interns, Stuart, that his drunk wife would be awesome for our site.  And that dumb ass believe us! hahahaha!  But you can obviously see where it goes from there.  Thanks Stu!  So check out more of our very own drunk wives from our office doing what they do best, drunkly suck the bosses cock!  Boy do we need to have more drunk wife sex parties!

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“Hi It’s your Drunk Wife!”

Posted on 16th October 2010 in Big Tits, Tease

Calling All Drunk Wives

“Hi, it’s me, your sexy as fuck drunk wife, I’m trashed in the hotel room waiting for you to stick it in my drunk wife ass!”  That’s exactly how the conversation went… we promise!  For real though, this babe just told her husband the hottest drunk wife stories over the phone.  Check her out to let her share them with you too.  The pics of this drunk wife are seriously some of the hottest we have ever seen, she has the tightest body with some of the biggest drunk wife tits we have ever posted!  Click her link to see why she puts all the other pics of drunk wives we have posted to shame!

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Slutty Drunk Wife Sits on Vibrator

Posted on 14th October 2010 in Solo

Drunk Wife Fucked Vibrator

If it isn’t obvious yet, but we here at drunk wife not only bring you the sluttiest drunk wives, we also only bring you the hottest drunk wives we wish we all had!  Case in point, this horny drunk wife right here!  Super sexy long legs, tight shaved pussy, and drunkenly moaning just for you.  The best part of this drunk wife… this is just her warm up, check out more pics of her and other drunk wives sex it up… then come on back later to check out my sexy drunk wife… jk… but don’t worry we have have plenty of other drunk wives for all your masturbation need, what can we say, we are givers!

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Sucks Dick Then Smiles

Posted on 13th October 2010 in Oral, Video

Why is it that drunk wives give the best blow job?  Lies you say?!  Check out this video to see just how good this drunk wife sucks a cock!  We don’t know about you, but we love it when drunk chicks swallow our cum, and that’s exactly what this drunk wife does… WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE!  Want more of those beautiful dick sucking lips she’s got, click the video after it starts playing to see more of this drunk wife as well as tons more videos of drunk wife sex!

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Perfect Wet Drunk Wife

Posted on 12th October 2010 in Tease, Wet

Unbelievable Wet Drunk Wife

We know what you are thinking… these is no way this babe is a drunk wife.  But we guarantee you she is!  We also know you are thinking she has way to many clothes on… and we agree, but don’t worry she shows her tight little cunt.  Our jaws dropped when we saw this drunk wife fucked, and we know yours will too!

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Tight Drunk Wife Pussy

Posted on 11th October 2010 in Pussy, Self Shot

Perfect Drunk Wife Pussy

If you tell us that isn’t the tightest and sexiest drunk wife pussy ever… YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT!  Look at that perfect cunt, it’s just so tight….and so… so PERFECT!  Just imagine getting to drunk wife fuck her then exploding all over her face.. (check more of her out… there are pics of that too!)  Being as sexy as this drunk chick is, we bet she gets invited to all the drunk wife parties that no doubt end up it some amazing drunk wife group sex.

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